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Food Protection

The goal of our Food Protection Program is to reduce the public risk of food-borne disease through routine inspection of and education for the approximately 300 food service establishments (such as restaurants, grocery stores, school cafeterias, snack bars, assisted living facilities and mobile food trucks) and the many temporary food events (such as fairs, carnivals and fundraisers where food will be served to the public) in CHD.


Our Environmental Health staff:

  • Periodically inspect all establishments that prepare and serve food that is sold or given to the public.

  • Review plans for new food service establishments to assure compliance with the CT Public Code.

  • Investigate all complaints associated with food service establishments.

  • Identify and investigate all reports of food borne illness (food poisoning).

CHD also responds to all inquiries or complaints regarding food establishments.


Want to see our most recent inspection report for your favorite restaurant?  Find it here:



All food service establishments serving food in CHD must comply with:






Apply for your Food Service License online.



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Temporary Food Vendor Training

We would like to thank the Southern Nevada Health District for allowing us to use their Food Handler Safety Video-Temporary Food Establishments. As you view this video, please note that there are a few differences between the Nevada Health Code and the Connecticut and Chatham Health District Food Code/Regulations.  

Click Here - Training Video

After you have completed the video, please click on this link below to take a 24-question quiz (4 questions are your contact information) to measure your knowledge about the video you saw. 


If you receive a passing score, (no more than 5 questions wrong), a member of our staff will email you a certificate of completion. 

Mobile Food Vendors

Register your mobile food unit online.


You will need to create an account.

Looking for a food truck for your next event?   Check out this list of Approved Mobile Food Units in Chatham Health District:


CHD participates in the Connecticut Itinerant Food Vendor Reciprocal Licensing Agreement which allows an itinerant food vendor to receive a license and be inspected by one local health jurisdiction and be allowed to operate in another local health jurisdiction as long as the two local health departments have signed the reciprocal licensing/permitting agreement.

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