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Emergency Preparedness

None of us know when the next emergency will occur or what it will be. We can however work together to prepare ourselves to deal with an emergency and respond quickly and effectively.

The Chatham Health District plans for and responds to both man made and natural disasters within the towns of Colchester, East Haddam, East Hampton, Hebron, Marlborough and Portland. We work closely with others entities in the community to assure a comprehensive response to such emergencies such as acts of terrorism, natural disasters, disease outbreaks and more.

What Can You Do?
Disaster can strike quickly and without warning. It can force you to evacuate your neighborhood or confine you to your home. What would you do if basic services, such as water, gas, electricity, or telephones were cut off? Local officials and relief workers will be on the scene after a disaster, but they cannot reach everyone right away. Communities can and do cope with disaster by preparing in advance and working together as a team. Knowing what to do is your best protection and your responsibility.  Being prepared is the best way to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy during an emergency.

Helpful Resources
Plan, prepare, stay informed
Get a Kit, Make a Plan, Be Informed
Overview, Stay in business, Talk to your people
For Persons with Disabilities or other Special Needs
Older Americans

Emergency Alerts for Your Town
East Haddam
East Hampton

Preparedness, Home, School, Work
Food and Water in an Emergency 
Winter Storm Safety Check List
Hurricane Safety
Power Outage Food Safety
Terrorism, Planning for the Unexpected
Tornado Safety Checklist
Pet Safety Checklist
Daycare Emergency Action Plan Sample
CT State Dept. of Public Health
Center for Disease Control
Updated Information and Guidance for Travel
Thunderstorms and Lighting
Extreme Heat
Household Chemical Emergency
Protect Food and Water During Storms


How can you help and get involved
The Chatham Health District seeks volunteers to work at clinics that would be established in the event of a public health emergency. Colchester, East Haddam, East Hampton, Hebron, Marlborough, and Portland seek volunteers to train for a wide variety of jobs at the emergency dispensing clinic and at screening areas in each town. Your participation as a volunteer in the community will greatly strengthen our ability to quickly and effectively respond to a wide scale disaster.

Nurses, physicians, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, social workers, psychologists, and nursing assistants are needed. We also need volunteers for communications, daycare, security, traffic control, delivering messages, bus driving, greeting, data entry, and scheduling.

There are a few different volunteer options available that will allow you to support our communities:

The Medical Reserve Corp
The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a national network of volunteers, organized locally to improve the health and safety of their communities. MRC volunteers include medical and public health professionals, as well as other community members without healthcare backgrounds. MRC units engage these volunteers to strengthen public health, improve emergency response capabilities and build community resiliency. They prepare for and respond to natural disasters, such as wildfires, hurricanes, tornados, blizzards, and floods, as well as other emergencies affecting public health, such as disease outbreaks. For more information on the Medical Reserve Corps go to:

Community Emergency Response Team
The CERT Program is always looking for new volunteers who want to help their families, friends, neighbors and communities before, during and after emergencies.  The program educates people about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. Using the training learned in the classroom and during exercises, CERT members can assist others in their neighborhood or workplace following an event when professional responders are not immediately available to help. CERT members also are encouraged to support emergency response agencies by taking a more active role in emergency preparedness projects in their community. For more information on the Community Response Team Program go to:

If you are considering volunteering for either the CERT Program or the MRC, please contact the Chatham Health District at (860) 365-0884.

Important Forms:
Head of Household Form

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