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Well Water Quality




**New Well Testing Regulations October 2022**

There are approximately 12,000 private wells in Chatham Health District that serve approximately 80% of the district’s population of 46,000 persons. Private (domestic) wells are not currently regulated by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) therefore private well owners are primarily responsible for the maintenance of there water system and testing for the quality of their own drinking water.

The District has regulatory authority in its respective towns over private wells with regard to several important activities. The District issues new and repair well permits. Private wells must be properly sited consistent with the Public Health Code and approved before being constructed. Completed wells must be properly yield tested and a report filed with the District. Testing of the water quality is also required when done as part of a permit, or as a property transfer. All new sources must be approved before use. Water quality reports are received and reviewed with any health related items identified.

District staff is available to assist private water supply owners with water quantity and quality problems.


The following documents are additional reference resources:

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Public Health Code Regulations – Well Testing

Propane Separation Requirements

Separation to Grinder Pumps

Well Protection Information

Well Disinfection


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