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Public Health Alerts

Here you will find the most recent listings of Public Health Alerts from the FDA and the USDA.

Rabies Postings


10/18/2022: A skunk that tested positive for rabies was found in the area of northern Colchester between the Hebron and Lebanon Town lines (neighborhood of concern includes Windham Avenue, Jurach Rd, Bush Rock Rd, and Brindlewood Path). Residents are advised to avoid approaching or contacting any wild animals, or domestic animals that they do not know. If you think you came into direct contact with this skunk, call Chatham Health District or speak to your doctor. For more information about Rabies, follow this link to the DPH website:



Rabid kitten identified around Debbie Circle in Colchester on July 7, 2020. The public should avoid feeding or approaching wild or stray animals. For more information on rabies please visit

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