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Online Training

**Please Read the Following Before You Begin Your Training**

We would like to thank the Southern Nevada Health District for allowing us to use their Food Handler Safety Video-Temporary Food Establishments. As you view this video, please note that there are a few differences between the Nevada Health Code and the Connecticut and Chatham Health District Food Code/Regulations such as:

  • Temporary permit applications, guidelines and fees can be found on our website at and we can be reached at 860-365-0884.

  • If an event has 1-5 food booths, applications are due 10 days prior to the event.  Events with more than 5 food booths must submit their applications 30 days in advance.

  • Time as a Public Health Control is not allowed at a Temporary Event (food must be kept outside the danger zone and cooked to the correct temperature)

  • CT Public Health Code does not require a Health Warning to be posted when serving alcohol. 

After you have completed the video, please click on this link below to take a 24-question quiz (4 questions are your contact information) to measure your knowledge about the video you saw.  You may not get any more than 5 wrong to receive a certificate of completion, which will be emailed to you.  Thank you for your cooperation.  If you do miss more than 5 questions, please contact Jaime Ellis at

Click Here - Training Video

Click Here - Training Video Quiz

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