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Lead Poisoning Prevention Program






The Chatham Health District’s Lead Investigation Program follows the Connecticut Public Health Code Section 19a-111-1 through 19a-111-11, as amended from time to time. Our Lead Investigation Program is designed to confirm, investigate, conduct, identify, review, inspect, report, conduct follow up case managements and close out investigations of a child under the age of six with a confirmed Elevated Blood Lead Level. An Elevated Blood Lead Level is defined as a blood level concentration equal to or greater than (=) 20 ug/dL (micrograms per deciliter). Exposure to lead may affect your child’s behavior and development.

Lead is a heavy, soft malleable, bluish-gray metallic chemical element used in batteries, paints and in numerous allows and compounds. The chemical name is Plumbum (Pb), hence the name plumber. Lead has been around for a long time, in Turkey dating back to 6500 BC, statues were made using lead. The Ancient Greeks and Romans used lead in the construction of vessels, viaducts, piping, wine storage containers, eating utensils and even as a sweetener for wine. The many uses of lead back then.  

Lead can enter into the body in three ways: Ingestion, Inhalation and Absorption. Children under the age of six are more susceptible to ingestion of lead into their body then inhalation and absorption. The ingestion of lead into a child’s body can come from a child eating/chewing peeling paint from walls, ceilings and floors. Lead can also enter a child’s body by the child eating/chewing on chewable surfaces like a window sill and door jam. The ingestion of lead in to a child extends beyond painted surfaces in a house, from toys and children’s jewelry, to name a few products.

In 1977 the Federal Government banned the sale of lead in paint for residential structures which had a concentration in excess of 0.06 % by weight. Homes, fences, garages (detached or attached), barns, sheds, built before 1978 should be suspected to contain lead in the paint.

Further information about Lead can be obtained by visiting the State of Connecticut Department of Health, the Lead Program by clicking on the following: 
 State of Connecticut, Lead Prevention Program.

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