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Child Day Care Inspection Program








Connecticut child day care centers are licensed by the State on a bi-annual basis. Part of the State licensing procedures requires an environmental inspection of the premises by the local health department or district. The state regulations regarding child day care centers can be found in the Connecticut Public Health Code.

The Daycare Inspection Program is designed to inspect, investigate and conduct follow up inspections on Child Day Care Centers for conformance to the Connecticut Public Health Code Section 19a-79-1a and 19a-79-13, as amended. During Chatham Health District’s inspection of a child day care center, a district Sanitarian ensures that the Daycare is lead safe, the water supply is safe and adequate, and that the premises are appropriate for child care activities. The Chatham Health District uses an Environmental Inspection Report Form when conducting its investigation. There are three areas of emphasis on the form, Physical Plant/Indoor Space, (Section 19a-79-7a), Outdoor Space, (Section 19a-79-7a) and Health and Safety, (Section 19a-79-6a).

Child Day Care Centers are inspected once every two years. A Child Day Care inspection fee must be paid to the Chatham Health District along with a copy of the State Application, which contains all the necessary information about the center and the people working there. The center must also provide copies of a current water test result along with a radon test from the center itself.

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